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Used parts for your leaky vehicle available at Sunline

Drivers expect to experience a few bumps in the road as their vehicles age.

Fluid leaks are one of the more routine problems that plague older vehicles. While leaks are not necessarily a sign of doom and gloom, they tend to distress vehicle owners and can affect drivability. In addition, automotive fluids that seep out of vehicles can prove harmful to the environment.

Leaks may not be a concern for drivers of new vehicles, but studies show that drivers are keeping their vehicles for longer than ever before, suggesting that leaks are becoming a greater issue for more and more motorists.

So how can drivers address leaky vehicles before they contribute to potentially larger, more costly problems? Fortunately, leaks can be a relatively simple fix, which should calm any fears drivers may have as the numbers on their odometers continue to rise.

Identifying leaks.

Identifying leaks is the first step toward fixing them. Red fluid suggests a leak in the power steering system or transmission, while black fluid typically indicates old oil or transmission fluid that has gone bad. If the leaky fluid is green or yellow, then it's likely engine coolant.

Fixing leaks

Once drivers have identified which fluid is leaking, they can then take steps to fix the leak. Unlike other problems that plague older vehicles, leaks can typically be fixed quickly and affordably.

Replacement parts for your leaky vehicles are more affordable than new parts. You can shop 40 acres of parts at SunLine Inc. to find the part you need. You can also call our parts experts at 319-364-4000 to help you find the perfect part for your vehicle. SunLine is the best full service salvage yard in Cedar Rapids and eastern Iowa. We can find whatever part you need for your vehicle whether it's a Ford, Chevy, Honda, Buick, Jeep, Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Chrysler, Lincoln, Dodge, etc.

As more and more drivers look to extend the life of their vehicles, leaks figure to factor more heavily in the lives of motorists. Addressing such leaks can be easy, quick and affordable.

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